“I can’t believe I can read this!” Paul said when he finished reading Chapter 9 of Hatchet. Paul, born a premature twin, with speech issues is just one of many students, we’ve been told would never learn to read. He had spent 3 years in a curriculum where he was expected to memorize words and had made little to no progress.

With every student, we start at the beginning and fill in all the gaps in their learning. Paul was unable to sound out three-letter words such as nap or sit. For 6 months we worked on matching sounds to letters letter and it was a challenge to see or measure progress. We added extra practice on his off days and boom! He took off and has never looked back. He is now reading at end of the 4th-grade and increasing every day. We NEVER gave up on him. His mom finds him asleep practicing his lessons at night. We can’t wait to see what Paul does in his bright future.

"Cradle to Career takes an exceptional amount of care when it comes to teaching and learning. Working with them has without a doubt been the single most important decision we have made for our son. Cradle to Career is an asset to our community" - Jamie and Jennifer Sauder



Xavier came to our center when he was in second grade. Quiet and shy he struggled with every aspect of reading. Slowly we moved ahead thru the lessons, as he struggled with retaining the material being introduced. Starting at the beginning in a new group helped Xavier master the basics of the code. He began to understand the sounds and symbols being presented and he could read short vowel words like dog, cat, and map. Xavier has been working with Ann, one of our therapists 2 to 3 days a week for several years and is now in 4th grade. He is reading at grade level

"Since starting my son, we have seen an amazing change in his confidence with reading, writing and his interest in school." - Reid & Samantha Farr


Karla Lopez